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Experiences in our House/Atelier

Paella experience

In an environment with friends, you will learn to cook an authentic paella, and then enjoy together eating what is cooked in the garden of our farmhouse.

During the meal we will taste wines, beer, water or soft drinks. For dessert, fresh fruit, coffee or tea will be served.

Pool cooking

An experience halfway between the pool party and the cooking school.

Choose the gastronomic experience that you like the most from our menu and then enjoy our private pool with friends and family.

Add a cocktail workshop, live music or just enjoy a fantastic sunny day with friends.

Cooking School

We suggest you spend one day the life of an authentic Andalusian family.

First of all, we will go shopping at the food market, where you can get to know the seasonal products and local producers.

Then we will go to our farmhouse where we will cook the purchased food, spending the day in the life of an Andalusian family.

BBQ experience

A perfect experience to enjoy with friends, during a celebration or a day of vacation.

An authentic Argentine barbecue, the best cuts of roast meat with olive wood and oak.


Andalusian wine tasting

A perfect experience for groups of friends and colleagues, who will discover the different wines, grapes and wine regions of Andalusia.

Always guided by one of the best sommeliers, we propose a tour of the best Andalusian red and white wines.

Different local tapas will accompany the tasting.


The magic of champagne

A tasting guided by one of the most renowned sommeliers, who will reveal the best kept secrets of champagne and its culture.

A perfect experience to enjoy in a meeting of friends or any celebration.

Accompany the tasting with a tasting of the best tapas: cheeses, oysters, etc. Always in the atmosphere of our farmhouse.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil tasting 

A cultural and fun experience at the same time, in which you will learn to distinguish between Extra Virgin Olive Oils of different varieties: picual, hojiblanca, arbequino or picudo.

An experience led by some of the most renowned tasters in Andalusia.

A moment to enjoy intimacy with friends, family or colleagues.

Tapas workshop 

Learn to prepare delicious tapas and dishes to share, always with the best fresh produce and in good company.

During the workshop we will enjoy elaborate tapas, paired with local wines.

An ideal experience to enjoy with friends.


Churros experience

Can you imagine being able to learn the secret in making the best churros?

Live a unique masterclass at the hands of probably the best churrero in Marbella, learn how to cook the authentic churro and surprise your family and friends.

Cocktail workshop

With or without alcohol, the variety of cocktails is endless.

Learn from the best bartenders to prepare the most famous cocktails: bloody mary, margarita, manhattan, etc.

Come and enjoy with your friends and discover all the secrets of cocktails.

Bakery workshop

There are many breads for sale, but every day we can find fewer good quality breads, made with sourdough and following recipes from our grandparents.

Through this workshop, led by one of the most recognized professionals in the bakery, you will learn how to make bread with your own hands.

Iberian ham cutting workshop

The secret of the taste of Iberian Ham is its cut, without knowing this technique it is very difficult for you to find all the flavors that are hidden behind the most precious product of our gastronomy.

Learn from the best, while you taste an Iberian Ham, paired with our best wines.


Experiences outside our home/Atelier

Chef at home

Turn your home into the best restaurant with one of our chefs at home. You can customize the menu and if you are passionate about cooking, you can take the opportunity to learn with the chef, while cooking.

Review our chefs and cooking style, choose the one you like the most and surprise your guests by turning your home into the best restaurant.

Wine tour

Andalusia has an ancient tradition in the cultivation of the vine and in the production of wines of great prestige and fame throughout the world. The 16th and 17th centuries, thanks to the boom in maritime trade, were a time of special flourishing.

We have designed 4 experiences divided by wine regions, so you can enjoy the culture of wine.


This experience gives you the opportunity to become a cheesemaker for a day, making Payoya goat cheese with your own hands. 

We will take you to the heart of the Crestellina mountains (Casares), to discover the National Park, the fauna that inhabits it and the men and women of the Andalusian countryside who continue to use the most traditional methods to raise animals and make delicious cheese and only.


Fisherman for a day

The Costa del Sol is considered one of the places in the world where the greatest variety of fish can be found, given the warm currents of the Mediterranean Sea and its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean through the Strait of Gibraltar.

If the sea fascinates you and the life and activities of the Fishermen arouse your curiosity, come and live the life of a fisherman with us for a day.

Olive Oil Experience

Extra virgin olive oil is the most beneficial product for health, of all those that Mother Nature offers us.

We suggest you discover the secret in the elaboration of our best olive oils, from October to January, you will be able to become "olive growers for a day", making your own oil, sensory tastings and its uses in healthy cooking.

Marbella old town & tapas tour

A route in which you will discover the most beautiful corners of the old town of Marbella and its history, step by step, while always accompanied by the best gastronomic and cultural guide, we will taste the best local tapas, the food market, the bars and top-rated gourmet spaces.

Also, if your visit is at night, we can finish the route on a flamenco show. 

The salt route

The Cádiz salt flats extend through San Fernando, Chiclana, Puerto Real and even Puerto de Santa María, an area that encompasses the Bahía de Cádiz Natural Park.

In this experience we will visit a traditional salt mine, which they manage to extract the mineral from the salt water with artisanal techniques.

Depending on the time of year we can be part of the execution of the "despeque" and enjoy tastings in the estuaries.

The red tuna route

We will travel to the coastal city of Barbate, in Cádiz, where the fishing and subsequent preservation of tuna is part of a great cultural tradition since Phoenician times. 

On this route, you will be able to discover some of the best kept secrets of the bluefin tuna world, from its fishing to the latest trends in its gastronomic use, passing through the factory where it is dried and transformed into one of the best valued products in the world.

Tropical fruit in La Axarquía

We will visit a farm on the Costa Tropical, where we will learn all about the characteristics of the cultivation of different tropical trees, as well as their benefits, tricks and tips to consume their fruits, from the hand of a local agriculture. We will enjoy spectacular views of the sea and a tasting of these fruits.

Espetos experience

One of the gastronomic wonders of the Costa del Sol are the skewers of sardines or the skewered sardines.

Through this experience we will create a bridge between maritime culture and the Costa del Sol. The sailor on land: boats and nets. Master class on the preparation and traditional cooking of Sardine Spits.